Drag Boat and Water Speed Record Racer Memorial

         Drag Boat and Water Speed              Record Racer Memorial  

This website provides information about racers who died while racing on lakes, marinas, and other locations in pursuit of world water speed records and while racing in drag boat competitions.  It is the most comprehensive site of its kind on the Web and a companion to my other websites, Land Speed Racer Memorial and Drag Racer Deaths. Over 60 drivers who died while racing for these attainments have been identified and researched.

It is organized by years with names arranged in each span of years alphabetically by last name.  If you are seeking information about a particular racer and are unsure about the year of the accident, look on the sidebar (right side of page). Then click on the year span in the directory where his entry will be found. If you are looking for a specific racer or want to view entries of those who died at a specific location, the Index provides that information.

Information about each racer (when known) includes birth/death dates, date/place of accident, age, information about accident, biographical information, burial place, etc.  Photograph of the racer, boat, grave marker, and a link to video clips are included if available.

Information and photos to add to the entries are always welcome.  We also invite those who knew these racers to share their memories in the Forum.

More information is also needed to add other racers to this memorial.  In some cases, we know their names, but we need at least a year to add them.  Contact us if you can help with information. 


Last Updated:  October 20, 2016