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I'm glad I found your website and saw Don Brandon, Buster Brownfield, and Ray Caselli. In 1971 I was a senior in high school. I worked at a Shell station owned by Ron Lange. He owned a Hondo flat "Monkey Business." He introduced me to Don Brandon who owned a Sanger hydro "The Bruin." Don was a boat racer, bear hunter and carpenter. His wife was Ruth and they had two sons, Mark and Brian. Don gave me my first ride at Folsom Lake in 1972 in the Hondo flat "Monkey Business." We made two or three passes at about 100 MPH. I'll never forget it. Don's buddies included Carl Horner, Vern Hunter, Sage brothers, and Buster. Buster's boat was the "Wacky Racer." Through the years we enjoyed riding dirt bikes up near Placerville, Cal. and having a beer. I do remember it was said either a bear or a boat would kill Don. When he crashed he was driving a boat owned by Halsey and Mead. They owned H&M Roofing. I'm glad I knew Don. He was a guy I will never forget. (Mark Hoffman; Grove, Oklahoma)

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Wacky Racer was owned by Halsey also a funny car w/same name .he no longer was aloud to race his boat he asked Don to be driver...Mead (Roger) was also a driver of my father's boat and you left out before zipcode dad has a white Danger w/monkeypod deck, then boat with # & name made into boat same #as zipcode that was called that's life then Hondo came out w/tunnelbottoms and he has to have that boat and they broke the prostock record in Oakland and Turlock the year of his accident ..they had the races only one other time at nimbus when I was 4 Don was racing a nother friend Chuck Sims .Don was thrown from his boat. Chucks boat was Underdog. He was. Flipped at Folsom lake like 1969
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That's life dad's 2nd boat was sold to Corset Braden
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